Content Marketing

Our content marketing services span social media and advocacy journalism to video production, distribution and special events. 

  • Custom content: Articles, blog posts, infographics, videos

  • Influencer engagement: Organic and paid

  • Digital and social paid amplification: Comprehensive network advertising / performance marketing capabilities

  • Reporting: Google Analytics + Buzzsumo social

To learn more about these services, please see the briefs below.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with


CAMPAIGN websites

  • Co-branded

  • Turnkey

  • Hosted as subdomain of partner website

  • Customizable: contesting, donations / lead generation, data capture, social sharing and more.



We have led social media and content marketing campaigns for brands including the Canadian Dermatology Association, Financial Planning Standards Council, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Trans Canada Trail and others. Our services range from digital strategy and website development to social media campaign management including organic and paid influencer engagement, paid amplification program management and more. 

Some of the conversations we've started...

RandallAnthony social media conversations

Case Studies

Health client

12 week timeline, in 2015

  • Organic influencer engagement

  • Impressions on

  • 10,000 page views, 5,840 users

  • Average 1.71 pages / visit

  • 1,030 article shares, mainly FB & Twitter

  • Globe CTR: .25%

6 week TIMELINE, IN 2017

  • Organic and Paid influencer engagement

  • Paid FB ads

  • 8,868 page views

  • 6,715 unique viewers

  • 1.32 pages / visit

  • 2,037 article shares

Campaign Results

11% more viewers almost the equivalent content shares, and 84% of the 2015 campaign's page views – in half the time.


12 week timeline, in 2016

  • Organic & Paid influencer engagement

  • Paid boosts on FB

  • Impressions on

  • 6,025 page views from 4,007 unique users

  • Average 1.34 pages / visit, 32 seconds avg

  • 593 article shares, mainly LinkedIn

  • Globe CTR: .40%

12 week timeline, in 2017

  • Organic & Paid influencer engagement

  • Paid boosts on FB

  • Impressions on

  • 23,502 page views

  • Average 2.04 min / session

  • 1,382 article shares

  • Globe CTR: 2.42%


Campaign Results

290% more page views + 133% more article shares


8 week timeline, in 2016

  • Organic influencer engagement

  • Boosted FB posts

  • Impressions on

  • 11,027 page views from 4,164 users

  • Average 2.25 articles per viewer

  • 2,202 article shares, mainly FB

  • Globe CTR: .61%

6 week timeline, in 2017

  • Organic and Paid influencer engagement

  • Boosted FB posts

  • Google Adwords

  • impressions

  • 19,442 page views from 9,552 unique users

  • 1.82 articles / viewer

  • 3,000+ article shares

  • Globe CTR: .45%

Campaign Results

Achieved 57% more viewers, 76% more page views + 39% more content shares  – in 2/3 the time. 


Advocacy journalism

Professional writing and editing is a pillar among our core competencies. In addition to our work with The Globe and Mail, we are pleased to produce articles for a range of publications and organizations.


We are pleased to offer video production services through our longtime partners at Q Media Solutions in Toronto, a creative shop trusted by diverse brands including The Globe and Mail, Scotiabank, Barrick Gold, YMCA, Purpose Investments and countless others.

Q media

Q Media Solutions

Specializing in branded content, commercials, interactive media and other forms of video and digital story telling for more than 20 years, Q Media joins RAC as a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Custom Content Group. 

Here is a link to a segment from our 2013 HSBC Global Asset Management print and digital campaign, just one of the many RAC-Q Media collaborations.

Here is a link to an engaging animated presentation Q Media produced for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada



When it comes to special event management, few Canadian organizations compare with MVKA Productions. Over the past 30 years, MVKA has built a worldwide reputation for excellence in special event productions including the 2014 Hockey Canada Awards, the 2011 JUNOS and countless boutique events for brands including Ferrari and others. We are proud to work with MVKA founder and CEO Martin van Keken, and bring content marketing strategies to life through MVKA special events.