Global workplace designer and creator, and legendary office furniture maker, Steelcase was facing a challenge: the design of its Applied Research Consultancy’s reports had become outdated and cumbersome for clients. Supporting Steelcase ARC during its real-time engagement with LinkedIn NYC, we created a novel 12”x12” booklet format that folded out into a full poster for wall display. Inside, content was delivered in “snackable” bites that paired eye-catching graphics with sharp insights to convey the outcomes of Steelcase ARC’s engagement with LinkedIn. Custom photography of LinkedIn staff helped make the report relatable and personal for readers.

Beyond these novel and inviting reports we also produced animated presentation materials and other collateral to support the ARC team.

We worked with Randall and his team to produce the wonderful deliverable for LinkedIn a few years ago. LinkedIn were very impressed and our engagement team had a great experience working with Randall to translate our insights into a very impactful deliverable for the client.
— Frances Graham, Steelcase ARC