Over the years, we’ve published print and digital works covering virtually all forms of energy production — from oil and gas to nuclear, wind, hydrogen and others. Along the way, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with organizations ranging from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the Canadian Nuclear Association to the Canadian Wind Energy Association and other esteemed groups.

These reports reached over 1 million Globe readers on the day of publication, while our digital and social media campaigns helped further extend impact and foster conversations on social media.

We are proud to support the responsible development of Canada’s natural resources sector and other energy forms through our informative features. Here are two examples from past campaigns.


Sustainable Energy Superpower
Sustainable Energy Superpower


Thank you for being so co-operative and such excellent partners in putting this very important topic before the larger audience. On behalf of the Bowman Centre and my colleagues, I look forward to exploring other initiatives with you in the near future.
— Walter Petryschuk, The Bowman Centre
The special report is very well done – a good read (that) provides good insights to the public.
— Eddy Isaacs, Ph.D., FCAE, CEO, Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions


Here are a few social media conversations we sparked: